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Mission Statement

FESSEF is a voluntary non-profit organisation formed to promote the communication, co-operation and friendship among the personnel of the National Security and Emergency Services. We also promote goodwill among the public for the role played by service personnel in the performance of their duties.

FESSEF hope to heighten the public's awareness of the role played by the security and emergency services in protecting the safety and security of the citizens of the state and indeed in the protection of the state itself. Also for individual services to show their appreciation for the ongoing support they receive from members of the public.

It is hoped to realise the above objectives by showcasing, through various events, the specialist skills, expertise, drills, tactical equipment etc. used by the service personnel in the performance of their duties. The general public will be invited, along with the family members of the service personnel to witness these showcase displays and exhibitions and other such events as the committee deem necessary.